#45-01  Arundhati Roy: "War is Peace"
Time: 29:00
Arundhati Roy is India's beloved author of the novel "The God of Small Things" and a winner of the Booker Prize. After September 11, she wrote this scathing essay entitled "War is Peace", opposing all forms of terrorism including the bombing of Afghanistan, and exposing the relationship between the Afghan wars and oil interests. Roy's reading of the essay was recorded and edited for WINGS by Yun Jong Suh.

#14-00 5, Sri Lanka's Anti-Violence Train
Time: 4:33 (Newscast)
On tape: Sunila Abeysekara, Human Rights Award winner and member of the Women's Media Collective; Agnes Mendis, Shakti Gender Equality Support Unit (of Canada's International Development Agency); Marnie Girvan, counselor in development, Canadian High Commission in Sri Lanka. Tape source: Renuka Senanayake. Suggested Intro: Sri Lanka has a woman President, but women still have to SRI organize for fair treatment there. They made a spirited showing in the South Asian Island Nation on International Women's Day…

#15-00  Iraq as a Feminist Issue
Time: 28:46
On April 08, 2000, the Arab Women's Solidarity Association co-sponsored an event in San Francisco called "Artists for Iraq". Iraqi exiles Sundes Almussa and Iltifat Jabber talked of the hunger of Iraqis under sanctions, and grief at not being able to help enough. Egyptian feminist writer and psychiatrist Nawal El Sadaawi gave a keynote speech, explaining why the treatment of Iraq is a feminist issue. Program produced and edited for WINGS by Kellia Ramares.

#16-00  Child Soldiers
Time: 27:55
The Lord's Resistance Army has abducted thousands of Ugandan boys and girls to enslave as killers and concubines. The Uganda-Sudan border is one of the places found on every continent where children are forced to fight wars. Helen Akongo of Gulu Support for Children Organization (GUSCO), is a social worker helping to reintegrate children who  escape their captors, back into community life. She and Julianne Traylor, Chair of Amnesty International-USA, spoke in May 2000 to Sue Supriano. Editing by Frieda Werden. Contact: GUSCO: Box 45, Gulu Northern Uganda.
Phone: 256-0471-32049. The film "Soldier Child" is available from Amnesty International-USA, by calling: (301) 899-9451.