#36-99  Hague Peace Appeal
Time: 28:57
In May 1999, nearly 10,000 people of over 100 nationalities attended the Hague Appeal for Peace Conference. Speakers heard in this program, are Zineta Rasavac from the Corridor Project in Bosnia, Dr. Mary-Wynne Ashford of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, Nobel Peace Laureat  Jody Williams of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, Fatiba Ibrahim of the Sudanese Women's Union, and Arundhati Roy, Indian anti-nuclear activist and author of "The God of Small Things". Tape source: Debra Latham of Radio for Peace International. Producer: Mary O'Grady.

#4-98  Winnie Mandela at the Million Women March
Time: 28:57
The organizers of the October 1997 Million Woman March in Philadelphia, brought Winnie Madikizela-Mandela to lead and address those assembled. Following her introduction by Piola Butler-Davis, Mandela gave a speech that celebrated the re-unification of African and Afro-American women, and extolled the Afro-American women of history who have liberated their enslaved and oppressed people.

#6-98  Jerusalem Women Seeking Peace
Time: 5:54 (newscast 2)

On tape: Michal Shohat, Jerusalem City Ocuncil; Claudette Habasch, Caritas, Jerusalem; Nahla Asali, Birzeit University. Source: Elaine Clift, Washington, DC. Suggested Intro: The most disputed element of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process is what will happen to the divided city of Jerusalem. Three women who live there, give their opinions and hopes, in this story from WINGS…

#34-98  Greenham Women Put Nukes on Trial
Time: 28:29
Margaretta D'Arcy of Radio Pirate Woman interviews 70-year-old Sarah Hipperson of the Yellowgate Women's Peace Camp at Greenham Common, England, about her two recent jury trials for fence-cutting at a nuclear warhead factory in England. Hipperson defended herself and was able to introduce international law into the proceedings. Editors: Suzette Cullen and Frieda Werden. Song by members of the Welsh Socialist Red Choir.

#8-97  A Bombing Remembered
Time: 6:03 (Newscast 5)
On tape: Carolyn Maull McKinstry, Advisory Board of the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, member of the 16th street Baptist Church; Martha Honey. Suggested Intro: A lesbian bar was bombed last month in Atlanta, Georgia; and in the last two years, nearly 100 Black churches were burned in sic southern states. These are acts in a regional tradition of hate terrorism, which continues from generation to generation, throughout the Southern united States. Martha Honey of WINGS, interviewed this survivor of a very famous bombing in Alabama, 34 years ago…

#20-97  Women in Black From Belgrade
Time: 4:51 (Newscast 5)
Producers: Frieda Werden and Elaine Jacobs. Source: Sue Supriano, Free Radio Berkeley. Suggested Intro: The women in this next story were strong enough to stand silently on a street corner in Belgrade every week, to protest the war in Yugoslavia- and as might be expected, when they do speak, they have strong opinions. Frieda Werden reports for WINGS…

#31-97  bell hooks: Transforming rage
Time: 29:04
Renowned cultural critic and feminist theorist reflects on connections among racism, sexism, rage and violence in media and in life. She concludes that we cannot stop violence without confronting the belief that it is normal, and without "interrogating the violence in ourselves." hooks' numerous published works, include: "Race, Gender and Cultural Politics" and "Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center". Recorded by Frieda Werden at the Texas Council on Family Violence.

#41-97  WILPF- The Next Generation
Time: 28:34
WILPF- The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, founded in 1915 by women who opposed the first World War- is probably the oldest International women's peace organization still in existence. Twenty-nine year-old Felicity Hill of Australia, coordinates a new initiative for WILPF, called WIND (Women Insist on Nuclear Disarmament). Her work ranges from pressuring diplomats to abolish nuclear weapons, to convincing teenaged college students that activism is better than despair.